Our People Story - Guvan Riar - Grant Thornton Recruitment


What is your background?

I studied Accounting and Finance at The University of Birmingham where I graduated with a first class honours degree in July 2019. I am originally from Birmingham and recently moved to Grant Thornton Channel Islands in September 2019 as an Audit Associate.

Why did you choose to work for Grant Thornton?

I chose to work for Grant Thornton because I heard great things about the culture of the firm with a clear focus on the people at the firm. Grant Thornton has a great reputation in the accounting industry so it was a no brainer for me to apply here when I heard there were vacancies in the audit department. I wanted to move to the Channel Islands as I was fascinated by the work-life balance and that there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in social events all the time. It is amazing that I am able to work all day in the office and in the evening be able to go on a walk on the beach, this is something I definitely could not do in Birmingham.

What is your role and what do you like about your position?

I am an Audit Associate at Grant Thornton. I really enjoy the responsibility I have been given in my short time at the firm. So far with I’ve been put in charge of audit engagements and I am also able to work on high profile clients. I also like interacting with clients and being able to build a rapport with them. The clients I work on are diverse and their work allows me to gain a better understanding of a range of industries.

Why do you like working at Grant Thornton?

I enjoy working at Grant Thornton because of the great people who work here. There is a very friendly culture at the firm and this is clear to see by the number of social events that happen. We do work very hard, but we are able to have fun and enjoy ourselves together. I like the flexibility we are given to be able to work around our lives and being able to work from home when necessary.