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Our applications are now closed. Our internship applications typically open at the beginning of December. Be the first to know when our applications are open by registering your interest here.

Spend between six and eight weeks with us over the summer and you’ll get a real insight into life as a trainee business adviser. Our internships give penultimate year students the opportunity to work on real projects and take on new responsibilities during the summer between their penultimate and final year.

You’ll also be supported every step of the way by our team. And we’re consistently rated a top provider of internships and placements in Rate My Placement’s list of Top Undergraduate Employers.

This year we welcomed over 100 new placements and interns! Watch our video highlights from this year’s annual placement and internship conference.

Your internship will start with a two-day orientation event in London. This kicks-off the summer with a celebratory evening. There is then a full day of getting to know your new colleagues and fellow interns, and immersing yourself in our business, vision and purpose.

'I met amazing people and become more confident in myself.' Marianna

You’ll also enjoy being part of a firm that has a strong sense of purpose and is helping businesses, people and communities thrive.

We work with banks, regulators and government to rebuild trust. We work with dynamic organisations to help them grow. And we work with the public sector to build a business environment that supports growth, including national and local public services.

Being part of a dynamic global firm driven by independent thinkers, we provide high quality business and financial advice to a wide range of clients in countries all over the world.

Business Areas

Our clients are operating in uncertain times. It’s our role as an auditor is to act independently to support trust and integrity in the business.

Right from the start, you’ll develop relationships built on credibility and trust with clients across a wide range of sectors. As you will get to spend time with clients at their sites, you’ll get to the heart of how they work and what challenges they face. You’ll learn how to provide the business and financial advice they need to grow and make the right decisions about the future. With a relentless focus on quality and integrity, you'll help our clients to flourish.

We’re the number one supplier of public sector audit services to local governments and the NHS and you could specialise in public sector audit dealing with government departments, public services and local authorities. Not only can you make a difference to your clients, you will make a difference to vital health and public services that improve lives up and down the country and help to create environments where businesses and people flourish.

Whether you are in commercial or public sector audit, your role will be challenging, rewarding and interesting. You’ll get hands-on experience of different aspects of audit, working on all kinds of projects that range from a few days to up to eight weeks. One day you could find yourself examining financial records and carrying out audit tests. The next you could be attending stocktakes or completing audit files.