Our People Stories - Jenna Dingle - Grant Thornton Recruitment
Jenna Dingle


What is your background?

My background started in the care industry, I graduated university with a BSC in Psychology, and started my working life supporting vulnerable adults. Although I really enjoyed working in care and as enriching as it was it was never the role I wanted to stay in.

When I first moved to Jersey, I applied for a variety of roles in the finance industry, but was never really sure what I wanted to do specifically. I was then offered a role as a Trainee Tax Assistant at a different company, which I really enjoyed the role but felt that it wasn’t offering me as much as I needed. I then moved to Grant Thornton and started studying towards the ACCA.

Why did you choose to work for Grant Thornton?

When I worked at my former company I attended a talk, sat behind me was a former GT employee whom I already knew. I therefore knew that the row behind were members of the Grant Thornton tax team, having overheard the way they spoke to each other and interacted it really made me think that they would be a good, fun team to work with. When I then started looking for a new job I used a recruitment agency and really pushed that I wanted to go for the Tax Associate role at GT, which fortunately happened.

What is your role and what do you like about your position?

I am a Tax Associate, and the thing I like best is the range of duties I have in my role. I get the opportunity to see a variation of tax returns across the UK and Jersey. I also like that even though I’m an Associate we are given a lot of independence , the responsibility of our work load and time management falls on us, which really boosts confidence knowing that you’re trusted in such a way.

Why do you like working at Grant Thornton?

I like working at GT because of the team I am in, for such different people we all fit together very well. The other thing I really like about working at GT is the emphasis on learning. Unlike other roles I’ve held, where you’re just taught how to do something, I have found that at GT I have been taught how and why we do the things we do.